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Published: 22nd June 2011
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These days designer monokinis are always in season, from Milan's catwalks to New York's catwalks. More so, even the hottest celebrities these days are showing off their unique sense of style in a curvaceous, mind-boggling monokini! They are the ultimate is sexy swimwear.

Let's be honest, a monokini is definitely not like any two-piece or one-piece swimsuit that you could put on with flip-flops. Designer Monokini is most definitely a fashion statement that you show off in your own special way to the outside world, whether it is at the pool area, beach or maybe even a boat party. It is rare to see a monokini that would be used for volleyball playing or making sand castles on the beach. A monokini is strictly designed to show off your beautiful body curves, sense of style and will definitely get the attention you deserve. These swimwuits are not designed to be used for active people but rather for people who don't mind being looked at. They are really not suitable for swimming.

The actual definition of a monokini is a woman's one-piece garment comprising only the lower half of a bikini leaving the breasts uncovered. The word monokini is also used for any topless swimsuit, usually any swimwear bottom worn without a top, it is also known to be called a unikini. Like all swimsuits, the monokini bottom part of the swimsuit can be take many different forms. Some have a G-string style rear, while others might provide full back coverage. The bottom of the monokini may be high cut, reaching to the waist, or of a much lower cut, exposing the belly button. In 2000s, the word monokini changed its definition (not literally) to pretty much meaning a two piece bikini 'outfit'.

Monokinis themselves are very unique swimwear items, and you can chose from hundreds different styles, prints, decorative chain pieces, beads or materials that you would enjoy wearing and showing off. You can also opt for your designer monokini to have a push up top, halter top, bandeau top, deep plunge, strapless or even have an underwire. In my opinion, people who think that they can carry off wearing a monokini should always be able to find one that suits them because there are so many different types of them out there. Everyone has their own sense of style and whatever you decide to choose is surely going to be a unique piece and will be able to stand out on it's own. Honestly, one of the best qualities a monokini has is that they all allow you to show off your curves and mostly all have open sides and hide the belly. There is nothing better than being able to look sexy and not worry about trying to cover up those extra few pounds that all women are uncomfortable with showing.

In conclusion all you need is your choice of a designer monokini and a little bit of self confidence to be the sun goddess you are!

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