Figure Flattering Bikinis - Things To Know

Published: 22nd June 2011
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Before you go into a store or shop online for your new bikini, you should try to learn a little about buying the bikini that's truly suited for you by understanding how various styles can flatter your figure. Let's look at several examples of body shapes to learn what you can do to enhance your appearance when wearing a bikini.

If you are a woman who has no waistline and very few curves...

For those women who don't have much of a waistline, or for those who have very few curves, you can create the illusion of curves by choosing a bikini bottom with ruffles, bows, or a sewn-in belt. When you pick a bikini that ties on the top of the thigh on both sides, your torso will appear longer, which will draw aattention to your legs. You will want to avoid pairing this type of bottom with a halter style top since it will make your top half look longer, and that's not what you want to achieve.

If you are a woman who has a rather large or protruding tummy...

Here you find that a tankini top will work wonders for hiding the tummy area since with this style the fabric covers the tummy in a soft draping manner, while still holding the tummy in and allowing you to show off your hips and legs. For the bikini bottom, you should choose a full-cut style that will minimize the attention to your stomach area.

If you are a woman who has large thighs or short, chunky legs...

A bikini style that makes your legs look longer is possible when you select a top that shows off your torso. This style choice will lengthen the appearance of your overall height when the top is accompanied by a bikini bottom that ties high on the hip, like a string bikini, thus giving the illusion of an taller body type. In addition, when you choose a bikini top that has a bright and bold print, the person looking at you has a tendency to focus on the top part of your body rather than from your waist down.

If you are a woman who has a large derrire...

This is most likely an area you will want to minimize with a design trick. It's not a good idea to try completely to cover your behind with lots of fabric, since that will only draw more attention to that area. When you're looking for bikinis, choose one or two that contain a high quality of Lycra which will pull your buttocks in and up in just the right amount. Your best styling tip is to choose a bikini where the bottoms have full coverage, with no bows, ties, or ruffles.

When you understand your body's shape you can maximize the overall beautiful effect of how you look wearing a bikini. Just take a closer look at yourself in the mirror, find your attributes and then follow the guidelines above when selecting a figure-flattering bikini.

You can find designs online that will inform you exactly which type osf swimwear will suit your body type. These are worth looking at.

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