Monokinis - A Woman's Sexiest Bathing Suit

Published: 28th June 2011
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The monokini swimsuit was created in 1964 when an Austrian designer Rudi Gernreich invented it. The original design was comprised of just a bottom with two thin straps as the upper half, making it impossible to cover the chest including the breasts. This design was clearly intended for the European market where topless bathing was part of the culture and a common tradition. In other countries it was banned as being far to provocative. It went out of style for some years but has come back into style recently. It is a very sex swimsuit and attracts much attention.

A monokini swimsuit is designed to show off beautiful body curves and create a distinct sense of style. It is a fashion statement, an individual's unique way of presenting glamour to the outside world.

One of the sexiest monokini swimwear is one that covers the woman's upper chest. It gives the onlooker something to tease the imagination while at the same time, have enough view of the curves and the flesh of the woman. The emphasized cut of the fabric shows part of the stomach, the upper back or lower back and gives an irresistible sexiness and appeal.

The monokini swimsuit is perfect for women with long upper bodies, full breasts and tiny waist. It can only be ideal for women with a proportional body shape or an hour glass figure. Sadly, the monokini swimsuit will not flatter athletic or straight bodied women as it will not look good in the non-fleshy area of the body. Some bodies will never look good in a monokini but if you are one who does then you will find many different colors to suit your skin and hair tone.

Variations of the monokini swimsuit have been manufactured by every designer. There is a halter top, bandeau top, and deep plunge top to show the torso and cleavage. It can even be strapless or under wired.

This kind of swimsuit also gives a chance to the less than confident person as the ctu outs can be as showy as you like or less showy if you so desire. Those women who are used to wearing bikinis can easily change to a monokini as it can also be more discrete or seductive when compared to other bikini designs.

There is nothing better than being able to look sexy yet covered enough to hide those ugly body parts that women try so hard to conceal. The flexibility of the design of a monokini swimsuit can ensure that all types of women who wear them look their best.

It is important to note though that not all swimming areas in the world permit the wear of a monokini swimsuit. You should check this out before going. There are pools and beaches that are conservative and still adhere to the traditional bathing suit. This is purposely to not draw too much attention to the monokini wearer and to just let the beach lovers enjoy the sun and the heat.

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