Sexy Monokinis - Some Thoughts

Published: 28th June 2011
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These days at the beach or around the pool every woman wants to wear a swimsuit that is both comfortable and sexy and also one which enhances her good points and conceals less than perfect ones.

If you want a really sexy styled costume, you might immediately think about wearing a bikini. There is however, another great option to consider and these are monokinis. You'll find that monokinis cover a tiny bit more (or maybe less) but they are every bit as sexy as a bikini, perhaps even more so. They are classed as the sexiest of all swimsuits. They come in many styles with various types of cutouts, bold and beautiful colors, and more. If you are trying to find the right swimsuit, here are a few sexy monokinis you may want to consider.

One great idea is a wild animal print monokini. This takes the sexiness of this swimsuit to a whole new level. You'll look sexy and ferocious in this style of a swimsuit. In fact, the animal print will really make you stand out at the beach or pool. Depending on where the cut out is, it can accentuate a slim waist very beautifully.

Another great option if you are looking for a sexy monokini is a pink halter top monokini. The pink color looks great on almost any body type and with any skin tone as well. The halter top option is very sexy, and a great choice for women who have a larger chest, as long as the straps are thick enough to provide some support.

Shaping and enhancing monokinis can also be a great choice too. Most of them come with molded cups that have underwire to give you support. Some may even have padding to give you the lift that you need if you have a smaller chest. Shaped monokinis also have a bit of control fabric in the stomach area to ensure that your stomach looks sexy and flat when you wear the swimsuit.

Wearing a monokini that has a bandeau top is a sexy choice as well. The benefits to this type of a top is that it provides you with plenty of support, which makes it a great choice if you are a larger size. Another bonus is that the bandeau top is also very comfortable, so you'll feel great when you wear thit style of swimsuit. This swimsuit really looks sexy as well, since it hugs your curves and shows off your body.

Of course, if you want to get totally wild and also have the figure for it, there is the style that is sometimes called the slingshot swimsuit or slingshot monokini. Just don't plan on wearing that one to the local neighborhood! This will definitely get heads turning your way! The monokini has been designed to attract attention and it will certainly do this!

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