You Can Look Wonderful In A Micro Bikini

Published: 30th June 2011
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Micro bikinis are sometimes seen as the most revealing choice of swimwear, and clothing in general, available on the market these days. But what one must understand is that women wear these types of sexy swimwear not only for the sexual appeal, but also to show off their beautiful bodies. Many people will even go as far to say that micro bikinis are sexier than topless, since they conceal that mysterious beauty that the woman has to offer.

If looking your best on the beach sounds good to you, then you should follow these tips in order to look your best in a sexy micro bikini.

Find a Comfortable Bikini
You should only wear a bikini if YOU like the look and feel of that particular style, not necessarily because it's in style. There are plenty of different variations of the micro bikini as well. Most common types are Brazilian bikinis, which is the skimpiest style of them all, your average micro bikinis with G strings, or sheer bikinis, which are see through.

A bikini also says a lot about the person wearing it. People who wear sheer bikinis tend to be the boldest personality type, since that type exposes every part of the body. Micro bikini wearers tend to be the more mysterious type who enjoy making heads turn and attracting looks.

Also, if you're shopping online, imagine yourself wearing the bikini you see in the illustration on the beach among many people. If you think you'd be proud showing off your gorgeous body with that sexy bikini, then go ahead and purchase it.

Take Time to Tone Your Body
While it's true that a person of any size or shape can wear a micro bikini, people typically look better in one if their body is toned and looks more athletic. However, this doesn't mean that you need to be 'model skinny'. In fact, most women who are that skinny don't usually look great with a micro bikini on, since micro bikinis were meant to show off the beautiful curves of a toned body.

As far as your diet goes, do NOT starve yourself to lose a few pounds. It is advisable to eat a healthy diet composed of the proper amount of fruits, vegetables, and other types of foods. Alcohol also doesn't help muscle growth, it stunts it.

Exercise also helps a lot as well. Try visiting your local gym or working out at your home once a day in order to keep your muscles shaped and toned. Jogging helps tone up legs while simple arm work outs as seen on TV help out as well. You might consider joining a local gym and consulting with a trainer as to which best exercises are suitable.

Make Sure Your Skin is Smooth and Clear
Make sure you have your entire body waxed before you hit the beach with your new micro bikini. You should exfoliate before you head for the beach and also remember to moisturize afterwards. Also remember that you should be drinking plenty of water to help to keep your pores clean and your body hydrated. Enough water combined with exercise and a healthy diet, will certainly help created that beautiful body that every woman desires and better yet also deserves.

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